Flow-X  Lab
Flow Physics & Computational Engineering Innovation Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering
Kyung Hee University

Research areas

Cardiovascular Biomechanics

Multiphase flows/ Turbulence

Our group

We are pioneers of innovation. We are actively engaged in conducting cutting-edge research projects in interdisciplinary areas. As our research group continues to expand, we warmly welcome new members to join us. 

** 현재 2024 여름방학 학부연구생 프로그램으로 인턴생 1-2명 모집중입니다. (마감 6월 말) 

신청하고자 하는 학생은 jseo@khu.ac.kr 로 이메일 보내서 대면 면접을 잡기 바랍니다. 

Featured news 

2024. 05.04  Kieun won the Best Paper Award (1st place) from the 2024 Korean Society of Visualization Spring meeting ! 

2024. 04.24. We are excited to share that our research team consisting of Flow-X Lab & Korea University Guro Hospital will be supported by National Research Foundation for the next 4 years.  과학기술정통부 한국연구재단 우수신진연구 과제 선정

2024. 04.19. We are thrilled to announce that our research team consisting of Flow-X Lab, SNUH Children's Hospital, Gacheon University Hospital will be supported by Korea Health Industry Development Institute for the next 3 years.  보건복지부 보건산업진흥원 임상수요중심 중개연구사업  과제 선정

Our research

Our laboratory's full name is 'Flow Physics & Computational Engineering Innovation Lab' at Kyung Hee University while we prefer to use the name 'Flow-X Lab.' The '-X' in our abbreviated name signifies our capability to host any arbitrary, creative, cutting-edge, pilot-type innovative research within the realm of fluid mechanics. With this initiative, we aim to expand our horizons through out-of-box-thinking.  

Our group is dedicated to the identification of flow physics characteristics and their application in advancing the quantitative analysis and prediction of complex physical phenomena. We specifically focus on studying the human circulatory system as well as real-world engineering problems. Our ultimate objective is to establish a highly intelligent and robust system design process that combines human intuition, physics, and data-driven decision-making. This integrated approach holds the potential to drive innovation in medical practice and engineering industry.

Multidisciplinary research

We believe cross-discipline interaction is a key to bring innovation. We form multidisciplinary team to tackle important real-world problems, combining perspectives from: 

Translational medicine

Our laboratory formed a close collaboration with the Kyung Hee University School of Medicine / Hospital. 


Faculty: Jongmin Seo, Ph.D
Email: jseo@khu.ac.kr
Phone: 031-201-3652      
Mechanical Engineering
Kyung Hee University